(3– 18 Months)
Our cosy, colourful and hygienic crèche has the capacity to cater for 10 infants with a dedicated crib. Care is customizable to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our parents. There are age appropriate multi-sensory toys and activities available to stimulate creative, imaginative play and develop gross/fine motor skills.
Our experienced staff are well trained to care for your children with utmost commitment and dedication, as well as relevant experience in paediatric first aid and early childhood education.

1. An open door policy that welcomes you to visit your child at any time during the day
2. A caregiver to child ratio of 1:3 for infants and 1:4 for toddlers.
3. Collaborative relationship between you and the staff to foster your child’s development both at home and within the Centre.

Parents are responsible for supplying diapers, change of clothing, food, drinks and other special things the child may require

Pre-School Program
(18 months – 5 years)
Our preschool is a specially prepared learning environment with activities designed to meet the needs of children in the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS):

1. Communication and Language.
2. Physical Development.
3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
4. Literacy.
4. Mathematics.
5. Understanding the World.
6. Expressive Arts.

We employ a blended curriculum consisting of the EYFS modules and key components of the Nigerian curriculum. The main learning styles we use to approach our curriculum are Montessori, Reggio-Emilia and Forest School.

The school is equipped with ample outdoor play areas and we have structured schedules that allow for nature walks, quiet time, creative/imaginative play, as well as daily reading sessions for groups and individuals.
Members of staff include an Early Years Co-ordinator, trained teachers and assistants, and caregivers. Our teachers are one of the school’s most valued assets. Teachers are continually being trained in the relevant pedagogy and school management to ensure that all are up to date on professional teaching competencies.
All school staff are held in high esteem, and team work is encouraged. At Home Also, we do our utmost to make school a happy, vibrant, and cosy place to learn and teach!

Our class sizes are favourable with a maximum of 12 children per class and are categorised as follows:

1. Caterpillars (18 months+)
2. Butterflies (2+)
3. Busy Bees A (3+)
4. Busy Bees B (Reception) (4+)

Extra curricular activities such as swimming, music, karate and foreign language classes are available after regular school hours.
Operating hours Preschool is open from 7:30am- 2:30pm (with extra after school arrangements until 6:00pm at an additional cost). We run 3 school terms and the preschool is closed for all public/school holidays

Daycare services are available during the holidays for children who fall outside the age range for the crèche and for parents who need temporary services.

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