To ensure the utmost safety of our staff and children, here are some of the precautions we undertake:

1. Our total student body is limited to 36 and we maintain a 1:3 staff to child ratio.

2. Children and staff are mostly restricted to their assigned classrooms to reduce the number of people crossing paths. However, more learning sessions take place outdoors if the weather permits.

3. Outdoor play and learning time for each class is be staggered to limit the number of children crossing paths
4. Contactless sign-in and sign-out: All parents/guardians are required to sign in and sign out their children through the Hi-mama app.
5. Every child and member of staff gets their temperature checked with a contactless thermometer to ensure they do not have a fever prior to entering the centre.
6. There are hand sanitizer dispensers at the main entrance and at all entry-points into the classrooms.
7. Children over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask or face shield.
8. Our staff health and safety training has been updated to include COVID management best practices Parents are no longer permitted to enter into the creche or any of the classrooms.
9. Prospective parents are given virtual guided tours Our cleaning guidelines and procedures in line with best practices continue to be enforced All members of staff will wear masks at all times.
10. Staff are expected to change out of clothes and masks worn during their commute (only applicable to those using public transportation) As usual, regular hand washing and sanitising will be practised.
11. Our health policy has been reviewed by our school doctor and is enforced accordingly.

12. Staff or children exhibiting symptoms will be required to stay at home and return only after they have recovered completely.
13. If a child shows any of the symptoms listed under our exclusion criteria, the child’s parents or guardians will be asked to come pick up the child immediately while the child is in isolation with a member of staff

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